A Fresh Start - Spiritual Life

His mercies are new every morning!  Don't give up because you've failed once, twice, or 20 times. God is waiting for you to go for it again - He is ready to help.

Be Fruitful - Gospel of John

As a part of Jesus' last conversations with his disciples, he challenges them to dwell with him by being fruitful for his Kingdom.  May we seek always to bear fruit for him rather than to gather it for ourselves.

Giving up our kingdom - Gospel of John

In one of Jesus' last conversations with his disciples, before going to the cross, he called them to give up their hope for a personal kingdom in exchange for His Kingdom by being obedient in difficult times, by serving rather than being served even if it requires what feels like the ultimate sacrifice.

Jesus is Everything We Need - Hebrews

Jesus' obedience drove him forward to sacrifice himself completely on our behalf.  His perfect obedience reveals the beauty of his work and invites us into his grace.  May we now enter boldly into his throne room and make requests worthy of the King, because of the great work he has done!

Trusting In Spite of Evil - Gospel of John

During one of Jesus' last conversations with his disciples before they would have the ultimate reason to abandon their faith in God, he encouraged them to trust the architect of the tension between good and evil; to trust the mastermind of the mystery that plagues each one of us.  Why does God allow such levels of evil while he is all the while advancing his purposes?

Making Prayer Realistic

One of the essential habits of the Extraordinary Christian Life is to daily enjoy the Presence of the Lord.  This is a teaching about making this a realistic part of our life routine.  

Advent Conspiracy - Give More

Christmas can be a wonderful time if we don't get caught up in the mad rush to meet our own expectations and culture's expectations.  Hopefully this sermon will encourage you to stay calm and celebrate Christmas as it was intended.  

Advent Conspiracy - Spend Less

Is it a trap or an opportunity?  Weigh your spending decisions carefully.  God's desire is to free you from the trap!

Advent Conspiracy - Worship Fully

Christmas is about so much more than continuing a great American tradition created by poets and children's books of yesteryear.  Revisit the first Noel, and join the wise men, on your knees, in worship!

Keeping the Faith - Perseverance

Keeping your faith strong and passionate over the long haul is difficult.  Here is a sermon that will remind you of God's truth, defuse the lies of the enemy, and encourage you to keep the faith!